At 32 years old Mark is an accomplished Mendelian Expert & author, Mr. Tyson has written & edited over 8 noted books, and his breakthrough first book, an edition of Amiels Journal, is considered a classic.
A trained Tailor, Mark has a keen interest in fashion & design following on from his great grandfather who owned several menswear shops in London.
 Mark has spent the last 4 years devoted to research in Mendelian Law, Marriage & Psychosexual Development & Therapy.

Mark is personally inspired in the fields of Business, Theology and Biology by some of his heroes Cecil Rhodes, Marquis De Sade, & Johan Mendel; with the fanatical aim of emulating their vision and  excellence.
Born in Salford and raised during the summer in Whitstable, Mark has worked and qualified as a Tailor, Shirtmaker & Personal Trainer. He has traveled around the world including studying with Shaolin Monks in the Kunyu Mountains, China.
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